Forgive me, but I’ve never experienced schadenfreude to the extent that I did today on the morning-after of the Trump National Convention in Cleveland. There was more than enough misery to go around for Team Trump and his apologists that it cast a huge shadow over Trump’s boastful ability that he can make America great again.

We’re referring to the media’s erupted response to the discovery that Melania’s speech contained plagiarized passages from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama.

There were reflexive responses by alleged adult politicians that will most certainly appear in a book by an author writing the chaotic making of a president 2016. Among the more memorable;

Chris Christie, the convention’s rejected sad sack, tried to put plagiarism in perspective, saying that, after all, 93 pct. of her speech was original. And wants everybody to know that he was once a prosecutor.

Dr. Ben Carson, whom we now know is well over his head in national politics, found some good in the sharing of Michelle’s words without naming her as the source as an example of “shared values”.

Although MSNBC interspersed Melania’s and Michelle’s comments to show the copying, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort went into deep denial, insisting there was no cribbing.

As for Melania, who was stuck with the embarrassment of reciting the paragraphs from Michelle that was were inserted by others,, was obviously stunned by the revelation. She finally said that she received “as little help as possible” on the speech.

It couldn’t have been a worse day for a campaign manager, following his attacks on Ohio Gov. John Kasich for not coming to the convention. On that point, there was Trump again, who is forever squinting as though he’s s staring into the sun, adding his spin to the Kasich fuss. “If I had gotten beaten that badly, wouldn’t show up either,” he said triumphantly.

Donald finds self-approval in everything that comes his way. Still, who can complain if Hillary begins her acceptance speech,”Four score and seven years ago…” ? The Trump crowd now owes her one.