Here we are. The historic moment has arrived!

For the next several days The Q arena will be the site of the RNC encampment where the grapes of wrath are stored. Get out your pencils. The Q will stand for quackery. A sceptered Donald Trump will leave Cleveland as the smirking face of the Republican Party. The coronation will be in all of the papers and clog TV, which enabled his surge to the top of the GOP. Great audience -builder the white -gloved prophets of the networks exclaimed.

And The Donald didn’t even say thank you. .

There have been references to a “conscience movement” at the convention. Conscience for Heaven’s sake? I think that refers to delegates who would like to slip out of their bondage to a hooligan billionaire whose charitable giving exists in his boasts alone. A Washington Post headline told it all: “Mr. Trump’s fake charity”. If Trump’s lie is big enough, people will believe it.

The nomination process was to be so promising for the host city, Cleveland. Early expectations were that the city could set the home-state table in grand style for Gov. John Kasich as the nominee after his victorious swing through the field trials. Never happened. Not close. But we must salute his decision to duck the convention and speak to the NAACP in Cincinnati.

But speaking of charity, the Plain Dealer’s three Sunday columnists were hardly in a mood to be kind to Trump.

Headlines: ”Republicans are on their way to nominate an appalling choice”, above the column of former PD editorial director Brent Larkin, who scorched Trump with assessments of his narcissism from respected national psychologists and others who were quoted in Vanity Affair .

Or Thomas Suddes, editorial board member, whose column appeared under the headline: “Returning to past not a promising future for GOP.”

Or very conservative editorial board member Ted Diadiun, whose column merited the headline: “Summon the courage: Kick Trump off the Ticket”

Like “conscience”, the crowd of Trump delegates and silent fellow travelers (think tag-along Sen.Rob.Portman) were not around when guts were passed out.

Might be a good week to rent a movie or two.