From the daily archives: Saturday, July 16, 2016

It’s been one hell of a week for charter school proponents in the Buckeye State. And in light of all that’s happened these past few days with the largest charter school of them all, Ohio citizens, watching a spectacle that continues to grow, might be scratching their heads in wonder and saying heaven help us.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, another spectacle, in the form of an attempted military coup, led its president to observe that in fact the action, which reportedly caused the deaths of at least 265 people and the arrest of 3,000 of that country’s citizens, was a Full Story...

Indiana and Ohio share a common border. Their respective governors, Michael Richard Pence in Indiana and John Richard Kasich in Ohio, also share the same middle name.

They also share virtually identical governing philosophies and program policies, that have consistently put laws into place that hurt workers and women, suppress voting, reward the wealthy with more tax cuts and attack public schools, among other retrograde political initiatives.

After years in office as state CEOs, Indiana and Ohio’s leaders have produced mediocre results at best, even though each enjoys a GOP-led legislature that with few exceptions cater to their political and […]

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