Last week, the state’s largest charter school, ECOT, filed a request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) from conducting an (already-delayed-by-request) review of ECOT documents.  The claims by ECOT are unfounded and hold no basis in law, and the ODE response filed today calls the school out.

You can read ECOT’s full request for a temporary restraining order here.

The response filed today (get pdf copy here) by ODE is below:

ODE Response_Page_01

ODE Response_Page_02

ODE Response_Page_03

ODE Response_Page_04

ODE Response_Page_05

ODE Response_Page_06

ODE Response_Page_07

ODE Response_Page_08

ODE Response_Page_09

ODE Response_Page_10

ODE Response_Page_11

ODE Response_Page_12

ODE Response_Page_13

ODE Response_Page_14

ODE Response_Page_15

ODE Response_Page_16

ODE Response_Page_17

ODE Response_Page_18

ODE Response_Page_19

ODE Response_Page_20

ODE Response_Page_21

ODE Response_Page_22

ODE Response_Page_23

ODE Response_Page_24

ODE Response_Page_25


What is ECOT trying to hide?