From the daily archives: Saturday, July 9, 2016

He thought he was going to be the Lord’s and the country’s choice to lead Republicans to victory against Democrats this fall. The icing on John Kasich’s cake this year was for a mailman’s son to humbly accept the presidential mantel at a national convention in Cleveland in his home state.

But then Ohio’s lame duck governor woke up one morning in early May, after winning just one race and losing 49 others, to find the Lord had surprised everybody by letting New York’s billionaire real estate mogul Donald John Trump lead the party faithful forward.

Basic Kasich took the […]

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Plunderbund has set the standard for coverage of Gov. John Kasich’s secret and successful derailing of Ohio Libertarian Party candidate Charlie Earl from the 2014 ballot. The case brought by the Ohio Libertarian Party is now in a federal appeals court and briefs are due on July 15th.

Clerk of the Court Deborah S. Hunt wrote on June 7, “Upon review of the plaintiffs-appellantsā€™ motion for emergency relief pending appeal and/or to expedite briefing, it hereby is ORDERED that briefing in this appeal be expedited. The clerk is directed to enter a briefing schedule, with briefing to be […]

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It comes as very bad news for Republicans in general, and Ohio Republicans in particular, that Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning the Buckeye State this year areĀ 66.4 percent to 33.5 percent for the Grand Old Party’s soon-to-be crowned presidential nominee, Donald John Trump.

The calculations behind how Ohio voters will likely act this fall come from Nate Silver, the reigning champion of political polling who correctly called every state in 2008 and all but one in 2012. FiveThirtyEight, Mr. Silver’s highly read blog on political calculus, takes a look at national and state polling so far this year.

In […]

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