We may get more than a hint of  Donald Trump’s plan to make  America great as the former Republican Party’s ringmaster.  Promising the greatest  convention ever, the billionaire developer, former TV host and the overbearing life of his own  party is said to be assembling a cast of celebrities , stunts, world-wide echo chamber and dog whistles to  promote his perverse version of human endeavor.

As we all now live in a time when the globe stops spinning to honor  achievements on unnatural grass, ice or hardwood floors, Team Trump is recruiting sports  figures to fill in the blanks normally assigned to the party’s VIPs. Among the chosen ones who will share their vision of an upward bound Trump America are Boston Patriots  quarterback Tom Brady, former Indiana basketball coach Bobby  Knight  and boxing promoter Don King, long accused of questionable business practices.  King’s  “gravity defying” hair-do and flair  may have had special appeal to Trump. (We wonder whether  videos of their working days will be cast upon a huge rear screen for the delegates who came to hear, instead, about guns, abortion and a wall on the Mexican border.)

Folks, this could be a show for ESPN rather than the news networks.

But that’s where we may be when the gavel comes down in Cleveland to nominate Trump in time for a possible Martian invasion.

Trump will be out  to grand slam the voters in terms the angry old white guys will understand.  For the rest of us old white guys, and  younger friends, we will simply watch in awe as a maniacal rich old white guy will be out to rob America of heart and soul.

P.S. For those in the front rows at the convention, watch out for Knight’s temper.  He’s been known to throw chairs.