Back  in the heyday of Gov. James Rhodes, if he vanished  from the sight of Statehouse reporters to avoid answering a sticky question, we assumed he was hiding in a weed patch.  The word became a staple of those of us in the press room, so much so that when I moved from Columbus, my colleague, Rick Zimmerman of the Plain Dealer sketched the cartoon shown here for my exit.  Enclosed in the balloon above the weeds was the farewell  message “Good-bye Abe! [signed] James A. Rhodes)
For today’s bizarre Republican debacle,  we’re back to the weed patches of timid GOP congressmen who are supporting the “Republican nominee”” without
mentioning Trump..
That’s true of  the two GOP reps  who supposedly represent sections of Summit County from their out-of-county offices  Jim Renacci (Medina) and  David Joyce (Geauga County).  Yep.  If you ask, they will tell you that they are indeed going to support the “Republican nominee” from the assured clear distance of the weed patch.  Add Ohio Sen. Rob Portman to that politically gutless crowd, but don’t call  it leadership.  It has too much of a hollow feeling about it.