With presidential election day 2016 rancorously tumbling forward, there’s a growing chance the ballots  in some places will not bear the name of the Republican  candidate. It will simply be listed as the “Republican nominee”.

A weird idea, I know, but with all of the turmoil in the GOP,  party big shots are trying to avoid any reference to Donald Trump’s name as the deranged  uncle in the attic.   Even the lonely Summit County Republican Party, which  exists largely in name only with a new (sort of) chairman on call from an incapacitated old chairman,  is avoiding much mention   of the crazed billionaire and, with vain nostalgia, is continuing to feature on its home site former  president George H.W. Bush.
The conservative online PJ Media blog  recently reported that Trump’s name was not spoken from the dais of Ithe county party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in which Karl Rove, ancient  source of reassuring wisdom for his audiences, was the key speaker.  From what I  gather from the blog report, he was there mostly to plug his new book about McKinley .
The  PJ writer even reported discreet silence by presumptive new Summit Chairman Bryan Williams who mopped up the silent treatment for Trump by saying, “I made that decision because  I was concerned it would come across as a lecture and I did not feel the guests came  to be lectured about party unity. I prefer it happen organically.   By that I mean we should let Trump get to Cleveland,  name a VP, benefit from the week-long activities that  build any nominee and begin the foot race in November.”
Organically, that brings us to Rep. Jim Renacci, who was at the dinner.  I called  the Wadsworth congressman’s Washington office this week to get a clear statement from him and found myself being interviewed  by a twit who answered the phone.
Q.How will you use the statement?.
A.I’m a journalist so quite likely I will put it in a column.
Q. What did you say your name was?
A.  Make something up .  Look, does he have a statement?  If so, please email it to me.
She said she would. Several says ago. Still waiting.
So I did what any entry  level reporter does these days.  I googled Renacci and discovered that he had earlier broken the code of silence.
“We need a president who is willing to work with both sides of the aisle despite differences in beliefs. I hope he’s willing  to do that.   And I  believe Mr. Trump,  who authorized the ‘Art of the Deal’ has the acumen to get Washington working again, which is really important to me.”
Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, from down in Central Ohio, approached the question by entering his wife into the script when he said he’d work for the party nominee. “‘I don’t agree with my wife all the time, but I’m for her, too,’ Stivers said.
Problem for the rest of us:   She isn’t running, for president, organically or otherwise.