Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican seeking reelection,  rose to the occasion Monday by describing the Cavaliers’ victory as a “gutsy” performance.  Good work,  Rob!  Gutsy is not a word one normally associates with the  wealthy right-winger from Cincinnati who prefers to be known as a “common sense conservative”. More to the grist is “timid”.

Shortly after taking his home-state team turn on the Senate floor, Rob joined his party in blocking  four gun control measures, just as he did to Planned Parenthood funding, climate change measures and other issues that aren’t a good fit for his sponsors, not the least of whom is the National Rifle Assn. that sends him enough contributions for whatever it takes to buy his vote. In return, Rob gets an A rating from the NRA  for his obedience.

The senator  tries to disguise his NRA/Koch Brothers/ party obligations  with a lofty but ludicrous  feel- good  slogan  that he is “fighting for Ohio jobs and families’”. Hey folks,   he just voted against  some modest gun reforms that new polls tell us are supported by a great majority of Americans.  But he didn’t choose to be gutsy enough to bite the hand that feeds him.  It wouldn’t have met his definition of common sense.