Anyone who dares to take a trip down memory lane will find that Gov. John Kasich, before he was first elected 2010, wasn’t much of a friend of King James. In fact, when King James, The Akron-born basketball superstar know by the world as Lebron James, left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat, citizen Kasich at the time pretty much told him to not let the door hit him in the rear on the way out of the Buckeye State.

Mr. James did go to Miami where he helped the team win two NBA championships. Before Lebron told the world of his decision, Ohio’s governor at the time, Ted Strickland, joined a chorus of loyal Lebronists to urge the world’s best basketballer to stay in Cleveland.

What history tells us is that John Kasich lined up behind the now disgraced Cleveland Brown’s quarterback Johnny Manziel instead of joining with Gov. Strickland and others to woo the great one back to Cleveland. “And there it is. Manziel to Cleveland. Welcome to Ohio, Johnny Football. #NFLDraft #Browns,” Gov. Kasich tweeted.

Sadly for Gov. Kasich, who dropped out of his second run for the White House in early May when he could only win one state, Johnny “Football” Manziel, 2012 Texas A&M University Heisman Trophy winner Johnny, was formally charged with assault with bodily injury. What was the word on the street about Gov. Kasich’s favorite QB? “Manziel’s career has plunged to new depths after another year of off-field recklessness. Just 22 months after drafting him as their presumed franchise quarterback, the Browns have officially moved on, cutting Manziel last Friday,” reports said.

About five years ago in a display of Mr. Kasich’s well-known off-putting, mean self, issued a resolution recognizing The Dallas Mavericks for beating James and the Miami Heat to win their first NBA championship.

As bad, Gov. Kasich went out of state again earlier this year at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire to proclaim Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry his favorite.

Then a year ago, when the Cavaliers were facing off against the Warriors, Kasich said through a spokesman that he was no longer upset that James bolted Cleveland for Miami. “[Gov. Kasich] thinks he’s been a great father and member of the community,” Chris Schrimpf, the Ohio Republican Party’s communications director, wrote,” according to published reports. “And he loves to see the Cavs winning.”

Those are the kind of weasel words one candidate for office who has nothing good to say about his rival says to show his fatherhood or community activity off-sets his failure as a political candidate. Read more:

Plunderbund observed this forced, soft landing for Kasich on Planet Lebron. It’s never too late to make amends, but John Kasich isn’t well known for making amends, so we’ll see how much in love he is with Lebron James, now that the King is on his throne again.