Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, the party’s Rip Van Winkle who always seems to have been roused from a long sleep, says he

believes a detente with Donald Trump is possible and that the probable GOP nominee could be a very “effective” president.

Like other Republicans in the kneeling brigade,  Priebus says the highest priority is to unite the party.
Unite?  Does that mean a  resumption of ganging up to  block one of the most qualified U.S. Supreme Court nominees? And…
Defending military-style assault weapons in the hands of civilians?
Denying the existence of climate change to protect jobs even for those who may yet  drown in rising ocean levels?
Rejecting immigration by Mexicans, Muslims, Syrians and others who are summarily considered to be terrorists.
Insisting that  President Obama is not only a Kenyan but has a peculiar scheme to serve  the interests of terrorists (with the exception of Osama Bin Laden, for whom Dick Cheney once credited the Bush Administration  for the stroke of getting rid of him)?
Blasting judges who are Mexican?
Invading bedrooms and bodies to serve the party’s  shrinking constituencies of morals police.
Opposing gay rights legislation while a  Georgia Republican congressman quotes from Bible that gays are evil.
Advancing nefarious voting laws  to make voting as arduous as possible – or impossible – and then lying about their motives.
Oh, and vowing to clean up terrorism around the world when it has not been able to clean out a single  domestic terrorist named Donald Trump.
As it kneels now, the party is a horrific collection of panicky spare parts. Both House Speaker  Paul Ryan and Senate leader Mitch McConnell dismissing   further comments on the candidates.
And Donald Trump, the kidnapped GOP’s voice-over, laughs all the way to the casino. As he just boasted,  unless  the party sees it his way, “ I’ll  do it myself.”