The Republican Party has long made Law and Order its selling point to the masses. But wait!

As the party is best seen today , it is a maelstrom of disorder with wimpish twits like senators Lindsey Graham, a velvety hawk, and Rob Portman, a “common sense conservative”, now whimpering they quite likely will support Donald Trump as their nominee. Thus, they will cravenly surrender their honor for “party unity” by lining up with the ruinous mad billionaire.

Law? Although some Republicans have often acted in defiance of the Constitution, none is so egregious as the looming shutdown on July 1 of public education in Kansas. A constitutional crises has risen as the State Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional right-wing extremist Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax reduction schemes that have crippled public education. Brownback has indicated he may even try to unseat the judges. (Dorothy and Toto were so lucky to follow the yellow brick road!)

Back in the hoofbeat corridors of the Ohio Statehouse: a Federal judge has ruled that the state’s voting laws are unconstitutional. You may remember the Republican regime has a long and unsavory history of tinkering with voting rights, Party elected officials, including Secretary of State Jon Husted, have looked for various ways to limit the voter pool under the guise of eliminating fraud. But U.S.District Judge Algernon L. Marbley had others ideas about their schemes. He tossed those provisions in the state law that voided absentee and provisional ballots on technicalities.

He said shrinking the time when otherwise qualified voters could address those problems was unconstitutional.

The law and order thing continues to shadow citizens who tare a threat to the party’s livelihood. So it plods on without reading the court memos.