From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Most of us would agree that this presidential year and its political landscape is an absolute mess. Though the chaos might appear new, we’ve nevertheless been here before. Therein lies a lesson and this opportunity to remind.

In the last year or so, I’ve been itching to write a memoir about what I’ve learned and experienced since graduate school and thought that a good working title might be Speak, Memory. But that won’t work. Someone named Vladimir Nabokov beat me to the gate about 50 years ago with that idea.

If you’re 65 and older, there’s something tantalizing about looking […]

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The Force definitely wasn’t with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in his 2016 run for the White House. In fact, The Force was so not with him that Ohio’s 69th chief executive, now a lame duck governor, could only win one state, Ohio, while losing 46 others.

Donald John Trump’s big Orange Machine sent the former Lehman Brothers banker, and every GOP candidate who thought this was their year to shine bright and win the hearts and minds of American voters, to an early grave.

Defined as a person who is unable to make up his or her mind on […]

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By Jack Frech

A few months back, a “Black Lives Matter” sign was defaced here in Athens, Ohio. It reminded me just how deeply racism is ingrained in our society. It is a harsh reality that has been pushed to the forefront by the now finally documented killing of young African-American men by law enforcement.

But equally tragic are the many ways that our racism has manifested itself that are less obvious. African-Americans have a much higher infant mortality rate, and a higher incidence of other serious health issues. They have worse education outcomes. They have a much higher unemployment […]

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Over the weekend, I finally made time to watch the new HBO film, “All the Way,” in which Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lyndon B. Johnson are depicted fighting the Dixiecrats to push through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, King on the streets in the South and Johnson in the halls of power in Washington.

The film, based on the award-winning play of the same name, at one point shows how the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act had to be severed for the political purposes of that election year, with Johnson promising King to bring the voting […]

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