Ted Strickland, Ohio’s Democratic governor from 2006-2010, announced Wednesday that his Senate campaign is launching a new, six-second “non-skippable digital advertisement.”

Called “Portman in 6 Seconds,” the video slams Sen. Rob Portman, who’s running for another 6-year term this year, as the “best senator China ever had.” With this unique launch, Mr. Strickland’s campaign earns bragging rights as the first Senate campaign in the country to use YouTube’s brand new “Bumper” ad format announced two weeks ago by Google, according to a media release by Mr. Strickland’s campaign.

Mr. Portman’s time in Washington, form his early days as a lobbyist to his years as an Ohio congressman, to his posts for then-president George W. Bush as budget director and trade representative are compacted into six seconds. Strickland’s PR handlers point to Portman’s reputation as a “Dedicated Outsourcer” based on his support of eight unfair trade deals; his vote to grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Status and his failure to crack down on unfair Chinese steel imports as United States Trade Representative. Ted Strickland, who recent polling by Quinnipiac University shows is in a dead-heat race with Rob Portman, has also been taken to the woodshed over his efforts to stop Chinese currency manipulation, something he called “counter-productive.”

The new “Bumper” ad format is a six-second, non-skippable instream video ad format that “offers a new way to reach users who are increasingly heading to their mobile phones to view video, where shorter videos perform better,” Team Strickland said today. The ad will reach targeted voters in Ohio and is a continuation of the Strickland campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid media campaign, it said, which will feature a mix of search, social display and digital pre-roll advertising.

“It only takes six seconds for voters to learn the truth about Rob Portman: he’s the best senator China’s ever had,” Strickland for Senate campaign spokesman David Bergstein said in prepared remarks. “Portman has a decades-long, unabashed record of voting for unfair trade deals that have shipped hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs overseas to places like China. Just like the ultimate Washington insider that he is, Portman puts the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected first, while Ohio’s working people pay the price.”

Strickland for Senate Campaign Manager Rebecca Pearcey offered another view of it: “Ted’s campaign is using the most cutting-edge technology and digital innovations in order to reach Ohio voters where they are online and with the most effective message for the medium. Short and sweet is the key to reach voters online — and thankfully it only takes 6 seconds for them to learn the truth about Portman: he’s the best senator China’s ever had.”