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Kasich: From Lion To Lamb

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Can you imagine how painful it must have been for John Kasich to step up to the camera and mournfully announce what so many were predicting for a long time: He would not press forward his failed campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after all. The primary voters could not be persuaded by the blue-collar kid who repeatedly wanted to remind us that his father was a mailman but never explained why any of that mattered for a guy trying for the second time to win his party’s prize. It didn’t, of course.

After blowing more than $10 million on […]

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Voting rights are under siege in Ohio with eight new voter suppression bills signed into law by the state General Assembly in recent years, state Rep. Kathleen Clyde told Athens County Democrats at their annual spring dinner Thursday night.

Clyde, a Democrat from Kent, represents Ohio’s 75th House district and is on the shortlist for possible candidates to run for Ohio Secretary of State in 2018, though she has made no formal declaration of her intentions.

Nevertheless, Athens County Democratic Party Chair John Haseley told the crowd Thursday after Clyde’s speech that, “It’s early for 2018, but I think I know […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign posted a Star Wars-themed video—”Our Only Hope“—to Twitter on Wednesday, the same day he capitulated on his second run for president in 16 years.

Clearly, the force was not with him this year, as his very bad primary election record, where he lost all states he was on the ballot in except for his home state of Ohio, showed just how his positive, upbeat message of hope and inspiration flopped with GOP voters who wanted to see more people drawn and quartered than forgiven and hugged.

But now that the only hope to win […]

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