Just when it seems things can’t get much worse for Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s crusade to become president—including getting clobbered by Donald Trump in  his home community of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania last week—new polling of Ohioans show they want their term-limited leader to end it.

Results Monday from the latest Public Policy Polling, shows Buckeye Stateers “are getting sick of John Kasich’s Presidential campaign” with only 38 percent wanting him to stay in the race. Nearly half [49%] think it’s time for him to drop out.

Buckeyes To Kasich: Get Out

“Those numbers have shifted substantially from early March when 52% of voters wanted him to continue on in the race and just 34% thought he should drop out,” PPP wrote. Even more surprising, the numbers for Ohio’s 63-year old leader are worse for him with Republicans than for Democrats. GOP voters, by a margin of 58 percent, think it’s time for him to end his 1-46 record, compared to only 33 percent who think he should stay in.

PPP notes that voters feel he’s neglecting his duties as Governor, a sentiment some, especially Democrats, agree with even though Kasich being back in the state as governor isn’t that appetizing. Only 31 percent say Gov. Kasich is paying enough attention to his current job, compared to 49 percent who think his candidacy has caused him to pay insufficient attention to his duties as governor. Mr. Kasich’s approval rating has dropped from a 54/36 spread in early March down now to a 46/40 spread today.

“One thing voters are particularly unhappy about is having to foot the bill for Kasich’s security detail- 66% of voters in the state say they oppose the more than $450,000 of taxpayer money that’s gone to pay for his security on the campaign trail, to only 22% who are ok with that expenditure,” PPP poster Tom Jensen notes. Of importance, Democrats (19/72), independents (22/63), and Republicans (26/62) alike are unhappy with continuing to foot the bill for Kasich’s protection while he’s out running for President.

Gov. Kasich only claim, based on some polling, is that he’s best able to beat Democrats in the fall, especially if the nominee is Hillary Clinton. The little good news from PPP shows that John Kasich still but barely leads Hillary Clinton (43/41) and Bernie Sanders (47/37) in Ohio, but “those margins are well down from the 15 point lead he had on Clinton at 52/37 and the 20 point lead he had on Sanders at 54/34 in early March.”

Experts would look at these results and argue his rapid decline versus Mrs. Clinton in Ohio, the state he governs and the only state he’s finished in first place, bodes ill for him in a General Election, after national media turns its attention to his record in Ohio, which when examined closely, is little different and maybe worse than any record by Trump, who has never held public office, and Ted Cruz, who has in Texas and now in Washington.

Hillary Clinton won Ohio on March 15, and can do so again this fall if voter turnout is up, as usually is the case during presidential election cycles. Gov. Kasich won by a big margin in 2014, but he actually got fewer than one in fourth votes from registered Ohioans. New data shows that more than one-half million new voters could hit the rolls if people eligible to vote but who haven’t registered, register in time for the November election.

Kasich Approval Below 50%

When asked “Do you approve or disapprove of Governor John Kasich’s job performance?” less than half [46%] approved. “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of John Kasich?,” the numbers went further south, as only 41 percent say they approve. When the 43 percent who disapprove are added to the 16 percent who aren’t sure, the numbers don’t add up well for Mr. Kasich’s conjured narrative that he brings people together to solve problems and is a popular governor. Democrats, politically biased as they are, would argue he actually divides people while creating more problems than he inherited.