As predicted, the New York Billionaire who defended his New York Values last week and won five states by outsized margins, thumped second-place Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in Indiana Tuesday.

Before mid-evening, after losing badly to Donald Trump, Sen. Cruz told supporters he was suspending his campaign, but promised to carry on the fight for liberty and conservative principles he’s waged even though he fell far short of beating Mr. Trump in the field.

Cruz Crashes. Kasich Left Alone With Trump

If Sen. Cruz lost big today, and he did with Trump taking 53.3 percent of the vote versus his 39.4 percent, Gov. Kasich lost even bigger with only 7.5 percent, almost half of what polls predicted. Hoosier voters delivered on what polls had predicted, that the 63-year old term-limited governor would land in a very distant third place to league leader Trump.

“Sen. @TedCruz should be proud of his strong and disciplined campaign. Texas is lucky to have you. Best wishes going forward. -John,” Camp Kasich tweeted tonight. Gov. Kasich made no mention of whether he would likewise bow out, as many are calling on him to do and polls say Ohioans want him to do.

In his victory talk from Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump p0inted to some 60,000 negative ads run against him, most of which, he said, were false and misleading.  The billionaire said $8 million was spent against him compared to the $900,000 his campaign spent. Looking forward to upcoming primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia, where Hillary Clinton campaign today, Mr. Trump said, “We’re going to get those miners back to work….they’re going to proud again to be miners.”

In pointed remarks, Trump said, “We’re going after Hillary Clinton, she will not be a great president, not a good president, a poor president,” he said, reminding his listeners that  Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever.

“All my life I’ve been in competition,” Trump said, “and I’ve met some of the most incredible competitors…right here on the Republicans…Ted Cruz is one hell of a competitor, he’s one tough, smart guy…and Ted Cruz has an amazing future, I want to congratulate Ted,” he said.

Donald Trump won Indiana with 53 percent of the vote, enough to take nearly all 57 delegates. Dr. Ben Carson, a one-time GOP competitor who dropped out and endorsed the Donald, told Trump by phone that “he has a movement going.”

With that thought in mind, Trump said, “We’re going to win in November. We’re going to win big.”

Before he closed his remarks, Mr. Trump touted a new poll by Rasmussen that shows him finally leading Hillary Clinton, a claim he’s long wanted to make, that so far John Kasich has said is the reason Republicans should choose him over Trump.

“We’re going to be saying Merry Christmas again,” Trump said, noting that he won with women, with men, with Hispanics, with African Americans, [and] virtually every category. He again congratulated Ted Cruz, then thanked wife and family and staff, and the thousands who work for the Trump organization.

“You will be so proud of this country very, very soon,” Trump said to applause.

John Kasich Gets His Wish

John Kasich finally gets the wish he’s been wishing for for months, a one-on-one match-up with Donald Trump. With resources so low that he thought it a good idea a week ago to cede Indiana to Cruz so he could concentrate on western states like Oregon and New Mexico, Mr. Kasich is now the last candidate standing to face off with the Trump buzz saw.

The governor of Ohio has long predicted that Donald Trump won’t be the nominee because convention delegates will pick him instead.  Until that happens, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called Trump the “presumptive nominee.”

Kasich’s chief strategist John Weaver took to Twitter, tweeting this: “Appreciate @Reince & his hard work for @GOP, but until someone has 1,237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. CA here we come.”

A Kasich adviser CNN quoted said, “What would be nice would be to see the kind of third party money that was spent in Indiana spent in a Kasich state, that has yet to happen and as a result Trump keeps acquiring delegates he could otherwise been denied.”

Camp Kasich set the stage for the challenge going forward with this message to supporters: “Sen. Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it’s up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton. 17 polls in a row show the same thing: Gov. John Kasich is the ONLY Republican who can defeat Hillary Clinton.”

John Kasich once talked about his “Ohio Miracle.” He has the chance to show America whether there’s any miracle left in his miracle or whether his miracle is just a mirage.