From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As predicted, the New York Billionaire who defended his New York Values last week and won five states by outsized margins, thumped second-place Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in Indiana Tuesday.

Before mid-evening, after losing badly to Donald Trump, Sen. Cruz told supporters he was suspending his campaign, but promised to carry on the fight for liberty and conservative principles he’s waged even though he fell far short of beating Mr. Trump in the field.

Cruz Crashes. Kasich Left Alone With Trump

If Sen. Cruz lost big today, and he did with Trump taking 53.3 […]

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Last fall, the Columbus Dispatch published an article, Are local school taxes subsidizing Ohio Charters? that confirmed the Byzantine nature of Ohio school finance and the complexities surrounding the calculation of state school aid. If comprehending how the formulas work which allow districts to receive state aid is enough of a challenge, readers also learned that the state was adding insult to financial injury by sending extra money to charters by calculating the amount of local support in the charter aid formula.  This calculation method further assists charters by using the local share amount (viz., local property taxes raised […]

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Just when it seems things can’t get much worse for Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s crusade to become president—including getting clobbered by Donald Trump in  his home community of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania last week—new polling of Ohioans show they want their term-limited leader to end it.

Results Monday from the latest Public Policy Polling, shows Buckeye Stateers “are getting sick of John Kasich’s Presidential campaign” with only 38 percent wanting him to stay in the race. Nearly half [49%] think it’s time for him to drop out.

Buckeyes To Kasich: Get Out

“Those numbers have shifted substantially from early March […]

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