From the daily archives: Sunday, May 1, 2016

The one-time Catholic boy from Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania, who as a youth wanted to be a priest but found as an adult that politics is more fun and lucrative, plans to extend his political career from Governor of Ohio to Republican presidential nominee this year by violating the eighth of the Ten Commandments.

As scripture says, the Lord, disguised as a burning bush, told the Israelites, through stone tablets written on Mount Sinai and delivered by Moses, “Thou shalt not steal.”

But unlike John Kasich this year, the Lord isn’t trailing league leading Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, […]

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On Friday ultra-conservative Indiana Gov. Mike Pence broke to endorse Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—calling him a “principled conservative”—over his neighboring hard-right conservative governor, John Kasich.

At stake in next Tuesday’s Indiana primary are 57 delegates and maybe the Republican nomination for president. The collaborative fiasco between Camp Cruz and Camp Kasich, to relinquish Indiana to Cruz and western states like Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich, fell apart shortly after it was announced last Sunday. John Kasich helped it fall apart by refusing to advise his supporters to vote for Cruz in order to keep Donald Trump from winning. Conventional […]

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