From the daily archives: Thursday, April 28, 2016

This week’s winner in the “Even right-wingers can be right every so often award” is Ann Coulter for her description of John Kaisch:

“ …the spitting image of a homeless man. He’s got the slouch, the facial tics, and a strange way of bouncing his head and looking around that makes you want to cross the street to avoid him. It looks like he cuts his own hair, and his suits are Ralph Nader cast-offs. He wolfs down food like a street person, has a hair-trigger temper, and rants about religion in a way that only he can understand. “


Dick […]

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He’s running fourth in a three-candidate Republican race for president, so what else can go wrong for Ohio Gov. John Kasich? Lots, actually.

Even though he’s still one of three active candidates, he’s fourth in the delegate count behind Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who dropped out March 15 following the drubbing Donald Trump delivered him in his home state.

Soldiering on despite the shellacking he took from Trump in five states eastern states Tuesday, John Kasich, who even lost his hometown of Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is holding fast to his fabulous thesis that he alone can unite Republicans and […]

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John Kasich is running a presidential campaign, to put it loosely, without topsoil. His chaotic antics have so confused the gallery that even the Beacon Journal, which finds so much to like about the Ohio governor, has had to backtrack on its rationale for him to stay in the race. He’s better than the other two Republican contenders, the paper says, while praising his “knowledge and experience”. But it’s now had to factor in the metrics of his dismal performance on Tuesday in which he was pummeled to a base of clay in all five primary states.

His image was […]

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Exciting news. The Plunderbund Podcast is going to do a questions show.

So far we have produced four episodes of the Podcast plus some bonus content and have seen a terrific response.

Thank you!

If you have not already, subscribe by clicking on this link, and then leave us a review:

For an upcoming episode, we are asking you, the reader, to submit some of your questions about Ohio and national politics.

To get you started, here are some of the things everyone wants to know – such as:

Will Republicans in the Ohio Legislature try to pass restrictions […]

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After Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina dropped out of the Republican race for president in February, she was on track to be little more than a history book footnote as the only woman to run against 16 men in the 2016 campaign.

On Wednesday, her footnote status got a reprieve when Texas Senator Ted Cruz, running a distant second to Donald Trump, named her his pick for vice president.

Both Sen. Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich trail GOP league leader Donald Trump by insurmountable margins, as both try to prevent Trump from earning enough delegates in the field to win […]

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