Tuesday was another great day for Donald John Trump. Sadly, it was another bad day for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who got washed overboard as voters in five states deluged the Donald with their votes.

The New York billionaire and businessman folk hero shellacked Mr. Kasich and Mr. Cruz with win margins in the mid-60s in some states, putting to rest his critics complaints that he couldn’t break 50-percent. Donald Trump gloated on his big wins, telling fans, friends and media gathered at Trump Tower in New York City that hitting 50 percent with two other people in the race is a big achievement pundits and talking-heads rarely talk about.

Cruz-Kasich Alliance A Joke

Donald Trump’s string of victories today added to his delegate totals, which at 950 now is just 287 delegates short of the 1,237 threshold to win the nomination. Trump, Cruz and Kasich are the last three GOP candidates out of 17 that started out last year still in the race. Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich are mathematically eliminated from winning in the field, whereas Donald Trump can still win all the delegates he needs to arrive in Cleveland in July to secure the nomination.

The next state to vote, Indiana, does so in one week. Election watchers say that if Mr. Trump can win Indiana, a conservative state with a conservative legislature and far-right governor, he’ll knock Cruz out. As for John Kasich, he’s now 1-46 in wins versus loses, a record so bad that most anyone else would stop campaigning to avoid further punishment. Not for the 63-year old term-limited governor whose ego proudly marches onward as others look on with wonder that he can states polls show him beating Hillary Clinton in the fall.

In remarks from Trump Tower in New York City, the GOP leader called himself the “presumptive nominee” and essentially declared he’s the winner. He called on Cruz [560 delegates, 677 short) and Kasich [153 delegates, 1,084 short] to get out of the race.

Good Bobby Knight Sweet Donald

Now that attention turns to Indiana, Donald Trump offered a trump card of his own he thinks will help him win the Hoosier State. It’s hard to think about Indiana without thinking about storied Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who played undergraduate hoops at Ohio State University and was a member of OSU’s 1960 national championship team. Trump said Knight will campaign with him as he next focuses on winning Indiana.

Kasich Terminally Deluded

Even after his big losses Tuesday, Gov. Kasich remained holed up in his self-congratulating universe that apparently thinks the Lord will come to his rescue in Cleveland after voters in the field didn’t. His message to his followers was classic Kasich.

“In five states last night, we finished second and ahead of Cruz in four of them. We also continued to gain delegates and take another step in stopping Trump from getting the nomination. The next step for us is to gain more delegates in Oregon and many of the voters will cast their mail-in ballots within the next week!”

Donald Trump again mocked Kasich’s terrible performance. “Kasich is now 1-in-46,” The Donald said in New York City, according to reports. “Why is he here? … it’s like a spoiled person: ‘I’m just staying for whatever reason.’ ”

Recent polling on Indiana, which votes next week, has shown GOP front-runner Donald Trump with leads of between 5 and 8 points over Mr. Cruz, with Mr. Kasich in third place.

Less than a week away, recent polling on Indiana shows league leader Donald Trump with leads of between 5 and 8 points over Mr. Cruz, with Mr. Kasich in third place.