From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday was another great day for Donald John Trump. Sadly, it was another bad day for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who got washed overboard as voters in five states deluged the Donald with their votes.

The New York billionaire and businessman folk hero shellacked Mr. Kasich and Mr. Cruz with win margins in the mid-60s in some states, putting to rest his critics complaints that he couldn’t break 50-percent. Donald Trump gloated on his big wins, telling fans, friends and media gathered at Trump Tower in New York City that hitting 50 percent with two […]

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It’s undisputed that about half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed as a direct result of Gov. John Kasich and a far-right Republican-led legislature working hand-in-glove, since 2011, to pass a series of restrictions to their operations.

Gov. Kasich, who spent 18 years in congress before parlaying his time there into lucrative jobs with Lehman Brothers and the Fox News Network, remains in the GOP race for president, even though by delegate count [149] he still trails Florida Senator Marco Rubio [173], who dropped out more than a month ago, by 24 delegates.

Media have mostly been myopic to […]

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