As the curtain rose on the next act of the Theater of the Absurd, we learned of a deal between John Kasich and Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump (with a president to be named later,I presume). In one of dumbest ideas since Abe Lincoln and other Unionists worked to block the secession of Texas. Kasich will get Rhode Island for the April 26 primary trade while Cruz receives Indiana on May 3.

Folks, I needn’t tell you that once Trump learned of the deal he shattered the order of the universe with sarcastic outrage. “Pathetic” he bellowed to a crowd in Rhode Island while insulting Kasich’s piggish eating style of jamming a pancake into his face while fielding media questions. “I have never seen such a disgusting eater,” he said. At the same time, he denounced Cruz as “stupid” and a “pain in the ass.” The Trump supporters roared their approval. The alliance was evidence, Trump declared, of the pair’s desperation. Indeed it was, so why give Trump a 5-star opportunity to parade his opponents’ poor showing?

The Ohio governor, a fellow of few social skills, shrugged that it was “no ’big deal”. Trump’s brief experiment as Mr. Nice Guy on the trail as the America’s first billionaire demagogue, forever a one-man hierarchy, could not contain the inner Trump.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, the governor is hearing mostly negatives from critics of his excessive spending on security in his travels and long absences from Columbus . There’s a burst of editorial pages calling for him to drop out – the Beacon Journal advised him to press on to give Republican voters an alternative. Talk about desperation! But from a taxpayer’s viewpoint, it would be much cheaper if he came home and inhaled breakfast at friendly Bob Evans.