From the daily archives: Monday, April 18, 2016

The Plunderbund Podcast is joined this week by Jaime Miracle, Deputy Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

We discuss restrictions on abortion rights, the recent Supreme Court arguments on the Texas law that seeks to close down abortion clinics by imposing onerous regulations, and whether someone can be both pro-choice and a feminist.

Plus , we ask: Who should play John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in a movie version of the 2016 Presidential Race?  And, should Ohio enact a new law to prohibit Troy McClure from “going to Seaworld?”

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After polls close next Tuesday night, it probably won’t take more than a New York minute for Ohio Gov. John Kasich to learn the Big Apples bites back and hard, even on sons of mailmen whose golly-gee-look-at-me, happy-warrior shtick comes up bupkis with hard-boiled New Yorkers.

Whether it was complaining he had to eat pizza in New York City with a fork because it was served too hot, or whether he was trying to schmooze Hasidic Jews sporting long black beards, Ohio’s term-limited, aging Anglican goyim governor knew he wasn’t in Westerville anymore.

If polling ahead of New York state’s […]

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Moose McGillicuddy wiped down the bar at his tavern. Moose’s was a typical downtown Ohio bar. Politicians, college students, construction workers, and professors often leaned on the bar providing advice, seeking counsel, or just taking a break with a tall cold one.

This day was no different. The lunch crowd had disappeared and a couple tables looked ready to head back to work. Now that the university was back in session, there would be a good crowd of students that evening.

Then two frequent patrons walked in the door, well-known legislators. Already engaged in conversation, they sat down at the […]

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