From the daily archives: Friday, April 15, 2016

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services released the March 2016 employment and unemployment data for Ohio Friday. The bottom line results show that for the 40th straight month, Ohio Gov. John Kasich just can’t get it up to meet the national average.

At the same time Gov. Kasich is spending yet more time out of his home state to campaign for president, in a race where he’s running third behind Ted Cruz in second place and Donald Trump in first place in the Republican primary, his boasting of how good he’s doing at creating jobs back home got […]

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North Carolina reigns supreme right now in the realm of mixing unthinking bigotry, discrimination, and bad governance, but hold onto your butts folks, because the deranged Ohio General Assembly not only sees nothing wrong with North Carolina’s approach but is making designs to emulate it.

And meanwhile, it comes out, we have a candidate for Ohio Supreme Court who has all but promised to shield pro-discrimination legislation from legal challenge if elected to the state’s high court.

Appellate Court Judge Pat DeWine has indicated he would likely strike down laws protecting LGBTQ Ohioans if they come before the […]

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