From the daily archives: Thursday, April 14, 2016

“You know, it’s amazing that I know all of this stuff, isn’t it? Cause there ain’t nobody else who can come in here [that] could answer any of this,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich boasted, self-congratulating during his interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News [NYDN] one week ago.

Reading through the entire transcript is enlightening because it offers an unobstructed view into Gov. Kasich’s mindset, which appears to be more like a hall of mirrors with occasional dead ends on policy pronouncements or outright misunderstandings of how the world works. John Kasich, a 63-years old relic […]

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Speaking Tuesday afternoon to a friendly audience in a familiar union hall location, former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland talked about his big race to unseat first-term Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

Mr. Strickland, who lost a narrow election to John Kasich in 2010, said electing Republicans this fall, especially a GOP president, would “put everything we care about at risk.” What the former congressman who represented a district [OH-6] that ran from northeast Ohio to southeast Ohio cares about is keeping a Democrat in the White House, gaining control again of the U.S. Senate and installing a progressive judge on […]

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On Tuesday morning in New York City, Ohio Gov. John Kasich delivered a warmed over talk called “Two Paths” to the Women’s National Republican Club.

He said one path is “riddled with negativity about America…it drags us into a ditch and it divides us. The other path is one that I’ve focused my entire campaign on. It’s one that offers American families a positive vision for the future of our country.” Mr. Kasich, who has only finished first in one state primary or caucus so far, Ohio, gave his reheated vision for moving forward. “We stay on the same path and […]

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