If it’s Sunday, another national political talk show will let Gov. John Kasich talk trash talk without asking him to explain the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the 63-year old term-limited governor of Ohio had gloomy predictions if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz top the ticket as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in November.

Kasich The Apple Of His Own Eye

Running from cover since he’ll still be governor for another two years if Republicans lose another General Election race, the former Lehman Brothers banker said he has “great concern” for the party’s chances against the Democrat in the fall. Full of bombast and proud of it, the usually combative chief executive who’s play-acted as a positive leader for the past several months, said he thought Trump or Cruz headlining the ticket could produce a “blown out” for Democrats. “We would lose seats all the way from the statehouse to the courthouse,” he said, adding that he thinks that should be “a big consideration” at the GOP convention this summer in Cleveland.

Unable to finish in first place in any state race other than his home state of Ohio, Gov. Kasich isn’t concerned, it seems, that if he or someone else steals the nomination in Cleveland because he or they couldn’t win it legitimately in the field, Trump voters who stand by their man say they won’t support Kasich or anyone else who hasn’t won the honor by finishing first among Republican voters in a Republican primary.

Trump Voters Vow To Bolt Party If Donald Is Dissed

Camp Kasich isn’t concerned, therefore, by a Reuters/Ipsos poll showing that a third of Republican voters who support Donald Trump could turn their backs on their party in November’s presidential election if he is denied the nomination in a contested convention. “The results are bad news for Trump’s rivals as well as party elites opposed to the real estate billionaire, suggesting that an alternative Republican nominee for the Nov. 8 presidential race would have a tougher road against the Democrats.”

Donald Green, an expert on election turnout at Columbia University, cut to the quick: “If it’s a close election, this is devastating news” for the Republicans he said. Conducted March 30 to April 8, the poll asked Trump’s Republican supporters two questions: if Trump wins the most delegates in the primaries but loses the nomination, what would they do on Election Day, and how would it impact their relationship with the Republican Party?

Reuters reported that 66 percent said they would vote for the candidate who eventually wins the nomination, while the remaining third were split between a number of alternatives such as not voting, supporting a third-party candidate, and switching parties and voting for the Democratic nominee. At the same time, 58 percent said they would remain with the Republican Party. Another 16 percent said they would leave it, and 26 percent said they did not know what they would do with their registration.

A Reuters/Ipsos online poll from April 4-8 showed that 42 percent of Republicans support Trump, compared with 32 percent for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and 20 percent for Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Kasich Winning Means GOP Loses?

Mr. Green from Columbia University made a key point John Kasich and his team don’t want to talk about much these days. As Green put it, “the departure of even a small number of Republicans would make it tough for the party to prevent the Democrats from winning the White House, especially if the election is again decided by razor-thin margins in a handful of battleground states.”

Elizabeth Oerther, 40, of Louisville, Kentucky is a Trump supporter who said she would switch parties and vote for the Democratic nominee if the Republicans denied Trump the nomination. “If you don’t give it to him [Trump], I’m going to vote against them,” she said. “They want to take away the choice of the people. That’s wrong.”

So John Kasich could live his dream of being the Republican Party’s nominee for president if doing backroom deals is the low road he chooses to take to the highest office in the land. Then again, living his dream will fulfill Kasich’s outsized ego, and by doing so, he loses, his party loses and Democrats, maybe Hillary Clinton, wins the big prize again.