From the daily archives: Monday, April 11, 2016

If it’s Sunday, another national political talk show will let Gov. John Kasich talk trash talk without asking him to explain the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

On CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the 63-year old term-limited governor of Ohio had gloomy predictions if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz top the ticket as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in November.

Kasich The Apple Of His Own Eye

Running from cover since he’ll still be governor for another two years if Republicans lose another General Election race, the former Lehman Brothers banker said he has “great concern” for the […]

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It was high political theater—and the height of political hypocrisy—when Gov. John Kasich called on his favorite political party—the one he says is his “vehicle” not his “master”—to be transparent when Republicans take their national nominating convention to Cleveland in July.

It’s widely anticipated that backroom dealing will abound in what many now believe will be an open convention because none of the three remaining GOP candidates—including and most especially Mr. Kasich—will arrive with enough delegates to win the nomination on the first vote. Second or more votes could spell disaster for some but give hope to others who couldn’t […]

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A key fact in the story of the big shrink is Ohio voters is that there used to be 757,998 more registered voters eight years ago than there are today. The Northwest territory state that once was a growing destination for people looking for unbounded opportunity they couldn’t find elsewhere is today among the slowest growing states.

Census Bureau stats show Ohio’s population in 2013 at 11,570,808, which represents an increase of 34,305 residents or 0.3 percent since 2010. Only three states—Vermont at 0.14 percent, Michigan at 0.12 percent and West Virginia at 0.07 percent—had lower or slower population growth […]

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