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To hold everyone over, we have a bonus prediction from Joshua Engel.

Last summer, John Kasich tried to be everything to everyone in terms of musical tastes. He told The Hill, “I like Linkin Park. I like U2. I like a lot of different bands. I like some stuff that Justin Timberlake does.” Remembering that he was in a GOP Primary, Kashch remembered to pander, adding, “I’ve found on the road that I have been able to listen to some beautiful, soothing Christian music, which I really hadn’t done before. I find it to be really good.”

In February, Kasich told CNN of another musical goal, bringing back Pink Floyd. He said, “And if I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd.” Now we should not that Pink Floyd has not performed together since 2005 and band member David Gilmour has said “no way” but it is good to aim high.

Last fall a musician named “Jumpin” Joe Matsko, 81 wrote a song for the Kasich campaign. The song is called Man of the Hour and it sings the praises of Ohio, the Buckeyes football team, and John Kasich.

Lyrics include: “The Governor is the Man of the Hour, wth the power to see it through. I am sure he will be successful, for the country and me and you.”

Kasich is described as a “working man who brought Ohio in line” and who now “seeks the greatset job in all the land.” The song is short on any policy proposals, but does say about Kasich: “he’s a God-Fearing Man, reads the bible when he can, he’s a husband, father most of all.”

But apparently Jumpin’ Joe is not as loyal as it seems. He seems to have certainly plagiarized the Kasich song from a song he wrote about Mitt Romney for the last election.

Note the same bouncy style and piano accompaniment. The Romney song beings with a recounting of the career of Mitt’s father, George Romney, who was an auto executive and then Michigan Governor. There is no mention of the Wolverines football team.

The song’s bridge includes the somewhat defensive claim that Mitt is “as American as anyone can be.” Mitt has “prowess as a businessman” that will permit him to “fulfill his destiny.” The song mentions Mitt’s work at the Olympics, which kept him “always on the run.” The song also checks Mitt’s term as Massachusetts Governor but concludes that it is his “love for god and family” that really prepares him to be president.

The most notable part of the song, however, is how it predicts the rise of Donald Trump. Jumpin’ Joe sings: “He believes in America’s greatness and he gives no apology.”

Sadly, Jumpin’ Joe passed away in February at the age of 81.  In addition to singing the praises of Republican presidential candidates, Jumpin Joe, according to his obituary, enjoyed sailing and golf.  He had six grandchildren and four great grand children.  He seemed like a nice man.   And he will never get to rewrite his song for Donald Trump.

More of Jumpin’ Joe’s songs are available here.

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