The longer I’ m at this silly enterprise called presidential politics, the more confusing it becomes.  The sobering word we get from Gov. John Kasich is that anybody who votes for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will not get Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz but rather Hillary Clinton.  How can that be?  They don’t even look like her.  Well, it you are the mind-stretrching logician that Kasich pretends to be, Republicans who  vote for the other two Republicans must be aware of the horrific  consequences of the party’s  flock strife that will hand the White House to Hillary.

On the other hand, when hasn’t the party of NO tried to lead us away with negatives , in this instance, wasting our considered  participation in democracy  by not voting for the only candidate on either side who is eminently  qualifiied to be president because of his yesteryear work in congress  as well as his blue-collar background in Pennsylvania years earlier as  the son of a mailman  before he went to work for Fox News and the now deceased Lehman Brothers on Wall Street.

Trump, as is  his screwy calling,  is utterly unimpressed, booming that Kasich is so unqualified that he ought not  to be allowed to  run for the highest office in his mind.

There is even a flurry of ranking Republican activists calling for him to drop out of the race because he is trailing the other two so badly. But Kasich insists, as he did in his latest media release, that he’s the “ only Republican candidate who can defeat Hillary”.   It’s an admission, of course,  that even if you have grave doubts about an erratic guy’s sudden happiness conversion, Hillary is much worse.

Question:  Will he persist in converting the Republican voters from Trump/Cruzism with his own paper thin boasts of telling us he’s NOT establishment but a true conservative when much of his campaign money is coming from contributors in the business world? The Plain Dealer reported that a lot  of his big contributions have come from  Ohio companies(read: Establishment!)  enjoying tax incentives from his administration.)  Or that he balanced the Ohio budget   by simply draining  cities and towns of  their multi-million dollar share (Akron more than $11 million)  of the state treasury.    Will he press ahead to the convention by using Hillary as his Damoclean sword even though it wasn’t her fault that Ohio’s  education system has gotten F ratings on the national scene.  Or by saying Ohio’s   charter school system has  been such a success even though it is awful.     Indeed, he likes the idea of converting universities into charters.

Please hold the applause for his  campaign theme of “New Day for Ameirca”. It’s really his old mirage. .