From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 5, 2016

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is setting fundraising records in a way of which his campaign seems to be proud. But when you dig into the numbers, it becomes fairly obvious that he is setting these records in a way of which the American people have become sick and tired.

Portman’s fundraising success is not the product of small, civic-minded donors with an interest in good governance. Portman’s fundraising success is the product of dark money, special interests, outside groups, and the kind of moneyed electioneering that has the American people disgusted with its system of politics in 2016.

The last two […]

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The longer I’ m at this silly enterprise called presidential politics, the more confusing it becomes.  The sobering word we get from Gov. John Kasich is that anybody who votes for Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will not get Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz but rather Hillary Clinton.  How can that be?  They don’t even look like her.  Well, it you are the mind-stretrching logician that Kasich pretends to be, Republicans who  vote for the other two Republicans must be aware of the horrific  consequences of the party’s  flock strife that will hand the White House to Hillary.

On the […]

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