From the daily archives: Saturday, April 2, 2016

For Plunderbund readers who happened to watch the Friday night edition of the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, the unexpected but hilarious treat was a sketch that lampooned Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the rant he wrote in his book “Stand For Something” about the disgust he and his wife had after watching the quirky film “Fargo.

Stephen Colbert, who will forever be remembered for his searing take down of President George W. Bush at a White House Correspondents dinner with Mr. Bush sitting just feet from him, hasn’t been a friend to Mr. Kasich on either […]

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In 2013, looking ahead to his reelection race the next year, Ohio Governor John Kasich was more than ready to raise the bar minority parties had to hurdle to get on the ballot. At the time, the governor was reflecting on his narrow win in 2010 and didn’t want a third-party candidate spoiling his romp to victory.

To help him clear the field of would-be challengers who could tarnish his run, a friendly Republican legislature passed a bill that made it more difficult for non-major political parties to get their candidate on the ballot.

“We haven’t had any law here […]

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Trump’s Gift From The Media

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Donald Trump, we all know by now, has the mind of a graffiti artist and the extravagance of Marie Antoinette. “I’m rich,” he matter of factly summarizes his control over all things temporal. “I can do these things.”

It’s then that you begin to wonder if he is the ultimate payoff of wealth and reckless power in a free society or merely a clownish pop-up figure in a penny arcade to amuse you for no more than a blink.

This much is certain; the media elite are now beginning to question their own early fascination with Trump as a magnet […]

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