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He has his own wildly popular, long-running, jaw-dropping talk show where security on stage is standard practice. Even he admits his show is just crazy television, total entertainment.

So what former Mayor of Cincinnati turned television celebrity Jerry Springer has to say on politics is always funny and usually insightful. Springer was surrounded upon entering the Grand Battelle Ballroom in downtown Columbus, where he and 3,200 dinner guests would hear Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rouse the crowd to their campaign and caucuses.

Each hopes to win the Democratic Party […]

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After a dozen Republican TV debates and well over a hundred town hall meetings organized by Gov. John Kasich and his campaign staff, not one reporter or TV debate moderator has come remotely close to asking Kasich what he would have done differently than Ted Strickland had he been governor when the Great Recession ravaged the Buckeye State like it did nearly every other state in the nation?

“I gave Gov. Kasich a recovering economy,” Strickland said, responding to my question. “I believe more jobs were created in my last year than in either of his first two years in […]

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Ted Strickland took questions from reporters Sunday afternoon, ahead of the Ohio Democratic Party dinner and fundraiser that evening, just two days before Buckeyes vote on March 15. The former congressman and governor running to unseat Republican incumbent U.S Senator Rob Portman this fall, Mr. Strickland said the elections, in one form or another, will be about all three branches of government. The presidency and the U.S. Senate are at stake, as will be the composition of the Supreme Court if one party controls the first two.

The former governor who lost in 2010 by just two percent to John […]

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About a month ago, Gov. John Kasich joked, “I didn’t think we had a Democratic Party in Ohio.” If anyone looked to see if the governor was right by looking for coverage in Ohio media, the conclusion might be either it didn’t or that it wasn’t doing much.

Mid-afternoon on Sunday, a couple hours before 3,200 Democrats jammed into the Columbus Convention Center to attend the party’s big dinner and fundraiser, where Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would address the crowd, Ohio Democratic Party [ODP] Chairman David Pepper showed ODP has more going on that daily newspapers or TV […]

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In 11 previous Republican TV debates watched more for the name calling and insults candidates hurled at each other like fourth graders trading taunts at recess, Ohio Gov. John Kasich decided that if he wasn’t part of the scrum he could distinguish himself from the other candidates on style points alone.

In the 12th debate, held Thursday night in Miami, Florida, and sponsored by CNN, the latest episode of demolition derby GOP-style was magically transformed into an exchange of ideas, views and opinions that was more civil than any of the previous political slug fests.

Kasich ‘Nice Guy’ Magic Disappears


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It’s been a terrible year for mainstream establishment newspapers. They have faced endorsement options of death by hanging or by firing squad (Trump, Cruz) or by a happy wanderer (Kasich) who is the son of a mailman who has been trying to part the waters with his vision of the Pearly Gates.

So with Tuesday’s Ohio primaries approaching, the Beacon Journal and Plain
Dealer (as well as a majority of the other Buckeye papers) urged Republican voters to support Gov. Kasich with hospitable home state praise while ignoring many of his warts.

I know. They will argue that […]

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Plunderbund is trying out something new this election cycle: an Ohio Politics-themed podcast.

The pilot episode of our Plundercast, recorded Tuesday, March 9th, 2016, features Sandy Theis, Executuve Director of ProgressOhio and former Plain Dealer Statehouse Bureau Chief, Josh Engel former prosecutor and current civil rights attorney and legal author, and Joe Mismas, a managing editor at

The topics covered on this pilot episode include Ohio’s presidential primary, the push by Ohio Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, as well as predictions for the coming week.

We’re still working through some technical and connectivity challenges but our guests this week […]

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If it isn’t one kind of shortage it’s another. Right on the heels of a warning that single malt Scotch  might be in short supply, Ohio charter school watchers are worried that there may a future shortage of red flag cloth due to the growing number of hazard signals needed to alert state taxpayers about these privately operated but publicly funded schools.

The latest revelation that accompanied the deployment of more red flags cautioning about charter school problems and questionable practices was the news that Provost Academy, an online school that opened in 2013, was missing quite a […]

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Just when Gov. John Kasich says his 0-22 win record in GOP primaries and caucuses is exactly where he wants to be to win the Republican nomination for president this year, and in advance of his debate tonight with Donald Trump, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Miami, two small but potentially damaging glitches have cropped up that could spoil the delivery of his first, improbable inaugural address next January.

The first of his new duo of problems comes from Pennsylvania, his home state, where his campaign admitted it failed to meet state requirements to be […]

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Jill Miller Zimon is challenging fellow John Barnes again this year for his seat as state rep in Ohio’s 12th District.  This time around the PD came to their senses and correctly endorsed Zimon, who they described as “smart, engaged and energetic.”

“During his recent endorsement interview [Barnes] was unable to recall some details of legislation he had co-sponsored,” wrote the PD Editorial Board. “And [he] could not adequately explain why he did not take part in voting for or against some key bills.”

In her interview, Jill specifically mentions Barnes failure to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood.  This […]

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Phyllis Schlafly, a right-wing writer who has been tormenting Democracy for more than a half-century, has offered a plan that goes well beyond Donald Trump’s promised wall to keep out illegal aliens. With the ragged arguments so common from her class, she wants to force all Major League baseball teams to use only American-born players.

Holy Roberto Clemente! She said what?

Yep, ALL foreign players, illegal or not.

“The best baseball players today,” she argues, “are American -born.” And they are taking jobs away from American athletes. .

So much for Albert Pujols,(Dominican), a three-time National League MVP, or such […]

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