New monthly job creation statistics were released last Friday, showing for the 39th straight month, Ohio Gov. John Kasich can’t get it up. The data also confirms that 285,000 Ohio workers are still unemployed because the governor boasting about his economic miracle can’t create the kind and quality of jobs fast enough for them.

It’s a fact of life the Kasich Administration is incapable of acknowledging and media falls flat reporting, especially now that Kasich and his Republican elites are plotting to manipulate convention rules in Cleveland later this summer to win a presidential nomination they couldn’t win honestly by winning votes in the field.

Employment data in Ohio during February 2016 was released last week Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services [ODJFS] and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the numbers were “extremely disappointing” to Ohio’s preeminent number cruncher, who reported the results were “largely because of a large 10,100 downward revision to last month’s weak Ohio job figure in January.”

National Chaplin Kasich Should Hug His Poor Job Record

Based in Cleveland, George Zeller told media Friday that Ohio gained 12,400 jobs in February 2016, but last month’s January 2016 figure, originally reported as a gain of only 100 jobs in Ohio was revised downward to a loss of 10,100 jobs.

“Thus, so far in 2016 Ohio has gained only 2,300 jobs during the first two months of the year,” Zeller said via email today.

The key measurement is this, something state and national media are incapable of understanding: Ohio’s year over year job growth rate for February 2016 is 1.56 percent compared to a job growth rate in the USA is 1.91 percent.

Plunderbund has led all media in broadcasting this sad but true fact over many months. It’s doing so again today: February 2016 is the 39th consecutive month when Ohio’s job growth rate has been below the USA national growth rate.

According to Mr. Zeller, “The quality of the jobs generated in Ohio during February was poor,” he said, adding, “Ohio lost 2,300 Manufacturing jobs including 1,900 high wage Durable Goods Manufacturing jobs.” He notes that the largest one month gain in Ohio employment in any industry was in very low wage retail trade jobs. The largest year over year loss of jobs among all Ohio industries was in mining and logging, which lost 20,800 jobs between February 2015 and February 2016.

“The continued collapse of the fracking industry was the cause of this very large employment loss in Ohio,” he said, giving some depth to Donald Trump’s assertion that John Kasich “struck oil in Ohio.”

Zeller’s analytics of the data show him that the continued loss of high wage Ohio jobs to low wage Ohio jobs was very damaging in the new data. Ohio’s estimated unemployment rate in February 2016 was 4.9 percent, unchanged from the same percentage in January 2016.

Kasich Can’t ‘Get The Jobs Done’

John Kasich has longed echoed the mantra of Republican elites that posits that plenty of opportunity to advance exists, but a decline in values is why heartland workers are feeling the burn. The poor job numbers that reflect Mr. Kasich’s poor performance on creating jobs since he’s been governor for over five years argue that values are in tact, it’s the opportunity that’s not there.

We are told by Gov. Kasich’s high-paid presidential campaign advisers that he is “the lone candidate who’s run a positive campaign focused on working together to solve our greatest challenges with real, achievable solutions.” Ohio’s greatest challenge is having a job for everyone who wants one, and as noted above, 285,000 people still want one but can’t find that pays a living wage for them or their families.