Ohio Gov. John Kasich finally finished in first place in a Republican primary this year. He is now 1-32 in GOP contests with 19 more to go, many of them winner-take-all. John Kasich is at his best when the deck is stacked in his favor, and the 2016 Republican primary deck in Ohio was stacked for him, indeed, starting with no Republican of any worth other than State Treasurer Josh Mandel lined up against him.

Ohio media is caught up in Camp Kasich’s tractor beam of promotion of a sweet but false narrative as he is cheered on in spite of his real and unflattering record with dreamy hopes he will become the ninth president who hails from Ohio.

Kasich Just Helped Trump Win More Delegates

Kasich’s big win in Ohio over Donald Trump means taxpayers will continue to fund his travels outside the state for a job Ohioans didn’t elect him governor to pursue. But John R. Kasich has a few more hurdles to overcome before he sits behind the big desk in the Oval Office in Washington.  The first hurdle arrives in a package of 10 winner-take-all delegate states primaries that Trump can win and boost his delegates going into the convention in Cleveland in July.

Trump fever has spread wider in these states than Kasich’s platitudes about running a positive campaign. “I won’t take the low road to the highest office in the land,” he said at his victory soliloquy in Cleveland tonight, slamming Donald Trump, whose popularity seems to rise with each new statement or act of political incorrectness. Speaking from his Florida estate tonight after it was announced he won North Carolina, Florida and Illinois, Trump said that even he doesn’t understand it.

Trump lost Ohio to Gov. Kasich, but the 63-year old term-limited state leader seems destined to return the favor, if seems, by remaining in the race and by so doing inadvertently help Trump win a plurality of votes in the coming primaries of which 10 are winner-take-all delegate states. No matter what the Lord has told John Kasich about his god-given potential to be bigger than himself and change the world, he needs more votes than are available to win the nomination outright. Mathematically impossible, Camp Kasich is planning to heist the nomination at the convention away from Donald Trump by organizational tactics this establishment lane politician of nearly four decades knows well.

His role outside of Ohio will be to continue to help Trump to the detriment of both him and Ted Cruz by staying in the race and continuing to split the vote three-ways. His role inside Ohio is to work the system he commands, from the Ohio Republican Party and its leadership down to county parties, from whose ranks the Ohio Republican Party convention delegation will be populated.

Camp Kasich will make sure it has a carefully selected delegation of walking-dead, pro-Kasich delegates who will go to Cleveland in July and not disappoint by honoring the hand that feeds them.

In separate news, Hillary Clinton won Ohio over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Tuesday 56-42 percent, showing she still has lots of juice in the Buckeye State. . John Kasich could only get 46 percent of the vote even with crossover voters.