Ted Strickland took questions from reporters Sunday afternoon, ahead of the Ohio Democratic Party dinner and fundraiser that evening, just two days before Buckeyes vote on March 15. The former congressman and governor running to unseat Republican incumbent U.S Senator Rob Portman this fall, Mr. Strickland said the elections, in one form or another, will be about all three branches of government. The presidency and the U.S. Senate are at stake, as will be the composition of the Supreme Court if one party controls the first two.

The former governor who lost in 2010 by just two percent to John Kasich said Ohio under his one term [2006-2010] went through a difficult time, but bounced back before he left office. Mr. Strickland hopes to defeat Sen. Portman this fall, and says the nation will again keep a Democrat in the White House. Down the road in two years, Strickland wants to make sure Sherrod Brown, Ohio’s senior senator in Washington, enjoys a third term.