After a dozen Republican TV debates and well over a hundred town hall meetings organized by Gov. John Kasich and his campaign staff, not one reporter or TV debate moderator has come remotely close to asking Kasich what he would have done differently than Ted Strickland had he been governor when the Great Recession ravaged the Buckeye State like it did nearly every other state in the nation?

“I gave Gov. Kasich a recovering economy,” Strickland said, responding to my question. “I believe more jobs were created in my last year than in either of his first two years in office,” he added. He was very happy that President Obama and Sen. Brown and Congressional Democrats gave states like Ohio the stimulus resources that were so important to keep Ohio from falling into far worse economic circumstances.

The fit and trim Strickland who later at the dinner would pepper his remarks with many points he made at this press gaggle, pointed to the auto industry rescue as a major decision, that was correct, to save the industry instead of letting it go bankrupt as Republicans like John Kasich, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney and nearly all Republicans at the time agreed was the right course to take.

Sen. Portman, Strickland said, thought he auto rescue plan was a “lousy” deal for Ohio. “That’s almost unexplainable to me,” he said.

Watch the video to learn what David Pepper and Ted Strickland had to say on other important issues of this campaign season.