He has his own wildly popular, long-running, jaw-dropping talk show where security on stage is standard practice. Even he admits his show is just crazy television, total entertainment.

So what former Mayor of Cincinnati turned television celebrity Jerry Springer has to say on politics is always funny and usually insightful. Springer was surrounded upon entering the Grand Battelle Ballroom in downtown Columbus, where he and 3,200 dinner guests would hear Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton rouse the crowd to their campaign and caucuses.

Each hopes to win the Democratic Party nomination for president on Tuesday, but winning Ohio first is important to their delegate count as Ohio will award 143 of its 160 delegates based on Tuesday’s results. Media seems content to believe Democrats have an enthusiasm gag problem, but the crowd that turned out tonight roared their approve, showing maybe the force is waking up. And when that force fully wakes up to vote this fall, either Sanders or Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States.

Bill Clinton Back In The White House? Springer Says ‘Sign Me Up!’

“Of course he is,” Springer said when asked if Bill Clinton would be an asset in the White House? “Take a look at America in the 1990s and by any measure, the economy, wasn’t that a great presidency? The country was in great shape, where do I sign up to get eight years of that kind of economy? Sign me up!”

Springer thought Bill Clinton returning to the White House would be great for the world, too. “We have to think of those things, we have to stop building a wall around America, we are all immigrants, every single one of us unless your a Native American.”

“If you don’t want a right-wing government, you have to make sure the president is a Democrat,” he said. He makes a convincing case, since Republicans have enjoyed gerrymandered districts since the midterm elections of 2010. Any presidential veto of party-passed laws would earn him a challenge for a second term. Springer said presidents in such circumstances don’t win again.

Listen to what former Mayor of Cincinnati and host of The Jerry Springer Show, Jerry Springer, has to say about building walls, government, Donald Trump and Hillary and Bernie.