It was a full day Wednesday, riding in the press-pool van shadowing former two-term President Bill Clinton six days before Ohio’s primary next Tuesday.


Former President Bill Clinton tours a renovated 1885 building, The Carlyle, in downtown Chillicothe Wednesday.

Looking fit and trim, President Clinton made his case for why voters should choose wife Hillary next Tuesday over Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders. First in downtown Columbus at a rally of about 100 HRC supporters, then later as keynote speaker at the Montgomery County 2016 dinner and fundraiser in Dayton, Mr. Clinton clicked through one reason after another, from domestic to foreign relations, about why Mrs. Clinton should get their vote.

Sandwiched between Columbus and Dayton was a motorcade stop in Chillicothe, Ohio’s original capital, a micro-city Mr. Clinton noted he had visited five times when he campaigned for president in Ohio, a state he won twice, in 1992 then again in 1996. Media trailed Mr. Clinton as he first toured a renovated downtown red-brick building, The Carlyle, then met with shop small business owners and residents who turned out to see the now-silver haired 69-year old “Big Dog.”

Clinton’s visit came one day after Bernie Sanders upset Mrs. Clinton in Michigan, an industrial heartland state polls pegged her to win. Winning Ohio is always important, especially in November General Elections. That last president to win Ohio but lose the presidency was Richard M. Nixon in 1960. Nixon won Ohio but John F. Kennedy was elected president.

At “2016 Frolic for Funds,” the big fundraiser for Montgomery County Democrats, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, a rising star in Democratic circles, introduced Bill Clinton. At the beginning of his talk, Mr. Clinton reminded the tables of attendees that nearby Wright Patterson Air Force base was the site selected in 1995 to undertake negotiations called “The Dayton Agreement” that ended the war in Bosnia.

He said that if American wants to “get back into the future business,” the best person to do that is Hillary, the lady from Illinois who he met for the first time this month 45 years ago in 1971 when both were attending Yale Law School.

He touched on many of the same topics he spoke to HRC supporters in Columbus earlier in the day. Expanding the franchise to vote rather than limiting it, overturning Citizens United, the controversial Supreme Court decision declaring money is equal to free speech, creating a $100 billion infrastructure fund and in-sourcing more jobs from companies that took them off shore. He said Hillary had the best, most detailed plans of any presidential candidate, Democratic or Republican. He said Obama’s last State of the Union Address was both upbeat and factually accurate, as it talked about America’s future.

To help that future move closer to today, he said Hillary’s call to install another half-billion solar panels was a job-creating advancement that couldn’t be outsourced. Having just a couple hours before visited two small business in Chillicothe, Mr. Clinton said two-thirds of all jobs since 1995 were small business jobs. He criticized the elevation of rewarding shareholders at the expense of workers. That wasn’t always the case, he noted, saying Mrs. Clinton would propose incentives to share company profits with workers.

He specifically called out Johnson Controls, a business the Clinton Foundation worked with to make the Empire State Building in New York City more energy efficient, for moving its offices to Ireland. The company should pay an exit fee, he said, to pay back tax breaks awarded to it, which would then be spent to reward companies who bring jobs back. Student debt, he said, is a big problem Hillary has an answer for that doesn’t eliminate tuition but does help borrowers manage and finance it. Student loans, by law, cannot be refinanced like a house loan or mortgage.

Ending his talk, he said three things are most important: Children should always be better off, the future should be better because it’s coming together rather than coming apart.Mrs. Clinton attended an evening campaign rally yesterday in Cleveland, where offered the case for why she is the only candidate who will build on President Obama’s progress and successes, has the experience to get the job done, and who will break down the barriers that hold Ohioans back.

In separate news, Hillary for America released its first two television ads in Ohio, Breaking Barriers and Predatory, which will air in the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, and Youngstown media markets.

To promote Hillary as their candidate, six mothers who lost their children to gun violence, police and racially-charged incidents, will travel across Ohio this weekend to share their stories and discuss how Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to break down all the barriers holding families back.  Mrs. Clinton says she’s committed to ending the school-to-prison pipeline, ending the era of mass incarceration, making college affordable, and protecting the right to vote.

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Lucia McBath,  mother of Jordan Davis; and Cleopatra Pendleton, the mother of Hadiya Pendleton, will travel to Columbus, Akron and Cleveland on Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th.