Jill Miller Zimon is challenging fellow John Barnes again this year for his seat as state rep in Ohio’s 12th District.  This time around the PD came to their senses and correctly endorsed Zimon, who they described as “smart, engaged and energetic.”

“During his recent endorsement interview [Barnes] was unable to recall some details of legislation he had co-sponsored,” wrote the PD Editorial Board. “And [he] could not adequately explain why he did not take part in voting for or against some key bills.”

In her interview, Jill specifically mentions Barnes failure to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood.  This shouldn’t be surprising.  Barnes has been voting with Republicans for years and has been a supporter of some of John Kasich’s most controversial initiatives.


John Barnes claps as John Kasich signs his transportation budget

Barnes was front-and center at the signing of Kasich’s transportation budget (see photo). He was also there when Kasich signed his controversial pro-charter, anti-teacher “Cleveland Plan.”. During the last election cycle, Barnes received support from StudentsFirst, Michelle Rhee’s anti-union, pro-charter school group in the form of ads and robocalls.

Barnes also voted for both JobsOhio bills, which implemented Kasich’s signature plan to privatize economic development in Ohio in a shady, unaccountable and non-transparent semi-private entity.

As we reported two years ago, Barnes also has a horrible work history.

In 2002 he was removed from his position as Director of the Community Relations Board in the City of Cleveland for sexually harassing one of his employees.

In November 1996 Barnes was placed on disciplinary suspension from his job as tax auditor for “Threatening, intimidating, coercing or interfering with supervisors or co-workers.”  He was suspended the following year for “fighting or attempting injury to other employees, supervisors or persons.”

The PD says Zimon “is the better candidate.”  We wholeheartedly agree.