There are growing reports that the Republican “ex-tablishment”, more broadly known as the lumbering Big E Establishment, has finally gotten the memo that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the GOP. It is reacting by belatedly taking an interest in the party’s fate and is putting $10 million into a “Stop Trump” movement in key primary states. The panicky rationale is that if Trump he can be denied enough delegates to put him over the top, Sir Galahad might emerge from the Cleveland convention in July. Or Mitt Romney, who is not a threat to any established order. .

I’m never sure who the establishment is. The word normally sends brain waves of anonymous business and hedge-fund geniuses sitting around their Chivas Regal, comfortably elitist on leathery sofas at the club and burying themselves in the Wall Street Street Journal.

As such, they isolate themselves from people who shop at Walmart and pump their own gas.Thank God they don’t have to.

But then Gov. Kasich insists that he’s not a member of the establishment – clearly a campaign ploy to enhance his current posture that he’s not an angry white guy and loves everybody because the Bible tells him so.

But that becomes a problem for someone like him who has courted such non-Walmart shoppers as casino king Sheldon Adelson (Upon meeting him in Vegas, , Kasich called upon God to bless the billionaire for doing so much good) and the super-rich Koch Brothers, who had been friendly to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker before he dropped out of the presidential race early in the preliminaries.

So can you not be part of the establishment even if you are asking the big financiers to chip in a couple of million for your campaign?

I don’t pretend to know how this will all end. A clear Trump delegate victory with no further references to penis size? A brokered convention with the police overwhelmed by protesters in the streets? A convention chant of “We want Willkie”? The awarding of the remaining vacancy seat on the stage to Joe the Plumber? Sarah Palin giving the nominating speech for Trump?

Will Kasich deny that he said he would support Trump in full view of a national TV audience?

As you can see, it will take more than $10 million to restore order to the ex-tablishment’s old Republican party.