John Kasich’s presidential slogan is “Never Give Up.” If other people are paying him to never give up, why would he if his bacon isn’t getting fried? And it isn’t.

But that’s basic Kasich, run on other people’s money, not your own. He’s been doing it for almost 40 years, and he’s good at it, so what’s new?

What’s New

What’s new is this: after being leader-in-chief of Ohio for more than five years now—with Ohio’s mainstream media lining up like ducks lined up at the Peabody Hotel—and more than $35 million spent to advance him, from his run for governor in 2010 to his reelection in 2014 to his run for president this year, John Kasich could actually lose Ohio next week to Donald Trump, just like he lost Michigan to Trump Tuesday.

It was less than two years ago when John Kasich won a second and final term as Governor of Ohio. It was an election that sported the lowest voter turnout since World War II—36.2 percent. Kasich big 2-1 win margin over his self-destructing Democratic challenger is enshrined in his folksy but flimsy narrative of being a miracle worker who rises above politics to bring people together to solve problems with commonsense solutions.

Why then does Donald Trump stand a very good chance to beat Ohio’s governor if, on average over his five years in office, $7-per year has been spent to sell Kasich as the cure-all to what ails Ohio and the nation? In advance of Ohio’s winner-take-all race for delegates, set for March 15th, Trump’s campaign stops in Buckeye Land have been two so far, both in Columbus. In contrast, Gov. Kasich has crisscrossed Ohio promoting himself, from his first run for governor in 2010 to his waltz to victory in 2014.

Kasich says he’s popular in Ohio, and based on the tens of millions spent promoting him four years ago, then again two years ago and now for president, it would indeed be very disappointing if he didn’t register positive notes with most Buckeye voters. With one week to go before his popularity is verified with a win, cementing his resolve to remain in the GOP race as it heads to Cleveland and a nominating convention—very appetizing to Camp Kasich who has lost 20-plus elections so far—the race today between the great exaggerator and Donald Trump is closer than Camp Kasich will admit.

Millions Later, Kasich Could Lose Ohio To Trump

Reports say more spending is on the way to promote Gov. Kasich. Through New Day for America, the super-PAC supporting him, $1.2 million and maybe more will talk about Kasich’s dubious record in Ohio. Since Monday, there are more than $700,000 worth of ads yet to air, The Dayton Daily News reports.

Add another $45,000 in airtime on cable television and at least $154,000 on broadcast TV to that by John Kasich’s campaign group, Kasich for America, and Ohioans will be further entertained with nearly $900,000 spent to replay his campaign from two years ago, updated for president. Other reports say New Day for America is spending $294,000 in Cleveland, $278,000 in Cincinnati, $234,000 in Columbus and $165,000 in Dayton.

Now then, add this current spending to the $17.3 million spent to reelect Gov. Kasich two years ago and the $17.2 million spent to elect him the first time—including significant help from the Republican Governors Association and another million donation from Rupert Murdock, Kasich’s former Fox News boss—and it’s a wonder Donald Trump can win Ohio at all, as some polls say he can.

While Camp Kasich thinks it’s popular in Ohio, some have a very different view of his record. That record, as explained by Tea Party activist Chris Littleton, isn’t good for Gov. Kasich. Getting pitched by Kasich after he used Tea Party angst and anger at President Obama doesn’t sit well with the likes of Littleton, who rattles off a list of reasons to not vote for John R. Kasich next Tuesday.

For these and other reasons, Donald Trump, if he doesn’t win Ohio, will give John Kasich a run for the $35-plus million spent to canonize him as Saint John.