John Kasich has been able to rely on the courts to keep him out of harm’s way. Whether it was the Ohio Supreme Court not hearing a challenge to his secret jobs group, JobsOhio, or a sleazy Nixonian-era episode that could be a Hollywood script about graft and corruption in public office, Gov. John Kasich has escaped being on the firing line.

Last week, an order from retiring Franklin County Common Pleas Court Administrative Judge Patrick Sheeran, a Republican, dismissed an appeal by lawyers representing the Libertarian Party of Ohio and its 2014 candidate for governor, Charlie Earl, asking him to direct the Ohio Elections Commission to rehear the case.

Judge Sheeran wrote, “The Court concludes that it lacks jurisdiction over the subject matter of this appeal. Appellant has no right to appeal the Ohio Elections Commission’s June 30, 2015 Order dismissing Appellant’s complaint for lack of probable cause. The ‘Ohio Elections Commission’s Motion to Dismiss,’ filed on August 25, 2015, is therefore GRANTED, and this case is hereby DISMISSED for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”

But that’s not the end of this matter. Mark Brown, a Capital School professor of law  representing LPO and Mr. Earl, informed Plunderbund that the judges ruling has been appealed to the 10th District Ohio Court of Appeals.

Now that Gov. Kasich is in the final four of Republicans vying for the party’s nomination for president, this case contains all the elements of what he and his team are willing to do to guarantee a win for the term-limited governor. National media knows nothing of this case, it seems, since it appears to not care about the bounty of other Ohio scandals that have unfolded during the governor’s five years in office.

The LPO case has lost twice, first before the Ohio Elections Commission and now before Judge Sheeran. Whether the 10th Court of Appeals rules to likewise dismiss it has yet to be determined. If it does, John Kasich will continue to dish out his carefully crafted message of hope and inspiration. If the case were to be heard, Mr. Kasich would find himself in a barrel of political pickles.