There’s no more convenient way to view the split among elected Republican officials over Donald Trump’s reckless candidacy than to turn to two Ohioans: State Auditor Dave Yost and U.S. Sen Rob Portman.

In blunt language, Yost said he will “‘break ranks with my party” if Trump is nominated and won’t support him. Citing numerous reasons to reject Trump, Yost asserted: “I cannot support a man who will change any belief and associate with any evil in order to gain power, or who will use the power of government to silence his critics, or who is dismissive of people he doesn’t like. Everybody counts, or nobody counts.”

And then we turn to Portman, once George W. Bush’s budget chief, who thinks of himself as a “common sense conservative” . Rising in his normal cotton-candy form as he pursues reelection, Portman says he intends to support Trump if the latter is the nominee.

Is Trump qualified to be president? “Yeah, he’s got a great business background, been very successful,” Portman told the Youngstown Vindicator. “Just ask him.”

Common sense? Remember that his is the same guy who believes ISIS is helping the Republican Party and was quoted as conceding , “I’ve told my staff that I’m so boring that I didn’t even know I was boring.”

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    I think you underestimate the Republican tendency to vote for the Republican regardless. The other candidates have pretty much said they will support Trump if he becomes the nominee, even though they don’t like him. They will crawl over broken glass to vote against Hillary.

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