From the daily archives: Monday, February 22, 2016

For a candidate who has never lost an election over his nearly four decades as a career performance politician, losing three in a row in as many weeks—as John Kasich has done now in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina—is a new experience for the quirky, combative governor, who may have more downside than upside headed his way.

Landing in 8th place in Iowa, 2nd place in New Hampshire and 5th place in South Carolina, Gov. Kasich knows the only two states he can possible finish first in is Michigan or Ohio. By the time those primaries […]

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Gov. John Kasich’s political chutzpah reached new heights recently in Michigan, the next state he’s all-in on and must finish first in to show he’s more than a quirky afterthought in this year’s wild and woolly Republican race for president.

Speaking to a gathering in that “state up north” after finishing next to last yesterday in South Carolina, Ohio’s 63-year old glib governor, whose tax cutting mania is legendary, didn’t blink twice when he voiced how upset he is that local taxes are going up.

“What about the tax increases where we live, the city council, the school board, everybody […]

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