From the daily archives: Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nearly three weeks ago, P.G. Sittenfeld called a press conference at the Statehouse to announce he would be launching a statewide initiative to amend the Ohio Constitution to specifically allow Ohio’s municipalities to regulate guns differently than under state law despite a state law in 2006 that moved guns out of the city’s home rule powers.  The Ohio Supreme Court upheld the state law in 2010.  The tactic of candidates promising to lead a statewide referendum campaign on an issue is not new.  A candidate actually following through with it is.

Just last year, Governor Kasich threatened that if his […]

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John Kasich has the luck of the Croatians. He can say about anything without fear of challenge. That’s fortunate because it makes his sweet Kool-Aid concoction of being the adult in the room who unites people to solve problems easy to swallow for low-information voters.

His false narrative of Ohio rebounding solely because of his leadership and policies is a a bedtime lullaby to an electorate that’s none the wiser. Journalistic misfeasance, or malfeasance as the case may be, has been steady as mainstream media hides his real record as guidance for what he would do if elected president.

Without […]

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Ohio’s primary arrives March 15. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was engaged in a tough battle with then Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Clinton won Ohio but lost the nomination. The new president then brought her into his administrative as Secretary of Sate.

Eight years later, Hillary Clinton hopes to win the Ohio Democratic primary again. To help make that goal easier, she’s enlisted the support of an Ohio Leadership Council composed of over 60 elected officials, community, and grassroots leaders.

Clinton’s Ohio Leadership Council is led by US Senator Sherrod Brown, US Representative Tim Ryan, US Representative Marcia Fudge, US […]

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It was a sight to see. Probably won’t see it again. And it wasn’t John Kasich getting passed over by Haley’s comet when South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley streaked by him and others to orbit around Marco Rubio.

No one—no reporter, local state or national, no million-dollar TV news anchor, none of the bevy of young budding political writers who seem to know everything about anything, no Beltway-based pundit, no Washington insider, or New York Times editorial board—has flustered and frustrated Gov. John Kasich as well or as quickly as “The Late Show‘s” host Stephen Colbert did in […]

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If the United States had mandatory voting like some other countries, voter turnout wouldn’t be the mystery it always is at election time.

Hillary Clinton made a return trip Wednesday to Chicago to visit the Bronzeville community. Her purpose was to encourage her supporters to vote in the March 15th Illinois primary and to take advantage of early voting.

GOTV In Columbus

With Ohio’s March 15 primary less than a month away, top Democrats supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton for president held a press conference in front of Columbus City Hall Thursday to alert voters that they can start voting […]

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