It didn’t take long for Gov. Kasich’s free ride as a presidential wannabe to get stomped by a national newspaper. As we have recently pointed out, the national media, from the New York Times to MSNBC, were so taken by his alleged moderate conservatism that they hopped on his bandwagon and said some nice things about his right- of-center confections without checking out his record back in Ohio.

The Washington Post stepped up with some of it own background research and concluded the issues confronting Ohio public education added up to a “mess”.

The bedsheet list included a “scandal-ridden charter school sector” while public schools suffered cuts in the state budget as Kasich pushed, and won, increased funding for the charters. And then there was David Hansen, the state charters boss, who resigned after it was discovered that he was cooking low charter scores to make them look better. (Hansen’s wife, Beth, is Kasich’s campaign manager.) There are other blots on his school records, the Post reported, from controversial state takeover of failing schools to a “questionable teachers evaluation system.”

Now that Kasich is claiming celebrity status on the national circuit, the cork is out of the bottle. It’s better late than never.