From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gov. John Kasich received another gift from God last week. Instead of heavenly angel messengers like Gabriel delivering it, the gift came through a Federal Magistrate judge in Ohio.

Key members of Camp Kasich could have received court sanctions for unethical and likely illegal actions surrounding the 2014 dumping of The Libertarian Party of Ohio’s [LPO] candidate for governor. This kind of political muscling done to wreck a competitor’s chances to fairly get on the ballot was called “political espionage” by LPO’s plaintiff attorney.

Camp Kasich can breathe a short sigh of relief, at least in Ohio, that the blockbuster issues lurking […]

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We still must wonder why University of Akron President Scott Scarborough chose to deliver his standard denial of a churning campus before the Faculty Senate, in a near unanimous vote, convincingly pointed him to the gallows. I’ve been told there was nothing new in the one-hour talk when even he must have known that his fate was sealed in a 50-2 no-confidence resolution. Was it no more than an act of damage control?

Since then, several days have passed so quietly that you could have heard a diploma drop. When I checked UA spokesman Wayne Hill, he emailed that the […]

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