According to Google, the top trending questions asked about the seven Republican candidates on the debate stage Saturday night in New Hampshire was different for each.

For Ohio’s temperamental two-term governor, who’s refashioned his normally mean personality into the meme of the “Happy Warrior” and enjoyed, according to some, the best debate performance so far along with two other GOP governor co-rivals still in the race, searchers wanted to know some basics about Mr. Kasich.

Googling Kay-SICK

Plunderbund offers a handy voter guide of responses to trending questions and topics on John Kasich. Staking his political future on “doing well” enough in New Hampshire so he doesn’t “get smoked,” which even Mr. Kasich says will send him home sooner rather than later. He may live long enough after tomorrow to fight another day, maybe in Nevada or South Carolina, or New Hampshire voters could condemn him to a second death to win the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

Google’s rank order of questions for Ohio’s term-limited leader:

1) How did Kasich do in Iowa? He finished in 8th place in Iowa last week;

2) Is Kasich pro-life? If his terrible record on women’s health issues, especially denying access to their constitutional right to a legal abortion and signing into law nearly a dozen harsh and punitive laws that contradict him saying little more on the subject than “I’m pro-life,” he’s as stunningly evasive as he is pro-life;

3) How to say Kasich? Kay-SICK;

4) What does Kasich stand for? He’s faith-based, pro-corporate, anti-government, pro-rich, anti-worker. He likes secrets, is anti-transparency, hires law breakers, bans reporters and generally dislikes media as much as anyone who disagrees with him;

5) Where did Kasich go to college? The Ohio State University. Once he comes back to Ohio, after he doesn’t become president or vice president and won’t be accepting any appointments to cabinet positions because American voters will wake up before it’s too late and keep a Democrat in the White House, Gov. Kasich won’t be returning to legislating—like trying to beat back  Josh “boots on the ground” Mandel to then take on Sen. Sherrod Brown. He’s a CEO’s CEO and CEOs like CEOing. Somehow, some way, he’ll finagle, coerce, intimidate or other force himself on the Ohio legislature—the “Candyland” group Chris Christie joked about—to set the stage for him as a future president. He can make real money, maybe $1 million or more, have a huge workforce to meddle with, continue his chaplain duties, convert the one-time land grant university into a charter-based institutions to dump prevailing wage and other pro-worker standards. He can do for his Alma mater what he’s done for the State of Ohio.

Google’s rank order of trending search topics for Ohio’s term-limited leader:

1) Abortion: On abortion, the prickly CEO showed his true colors when he appointed the leader of Ohio Right To Life to the state medical board. He’s signed into law with no discussion at all many measures that create an obstacle course for women pursuing their health and constitutional rights. It’s no surprise that John Kasich would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, but reporters don’t have that question in their quiver these days it seems;

2) Immigration: Talk is cheap, and the glib governor knows it. While he says illegal immigrants can’t be rounded up and deported as easily as Donald Trump says, he intentionally glosses over the immense challenge with happy-talk about building a wall on the border with Mexico, then separating the good illegals from the bad one. Like flipping a light switch, that’s how easy the Wall Street banker makes it sound. For the good illegal, he’ll let them follow a path to citizenship that neither he nor any other GOP candidate has provided any details for;

3) Gay Marriage: He’s wed to the belief that marriage is between one man and one women. He lined up with Ohio’s Attorney General to fight rights a gay couple from Cincinnati pursued that were eventually honored and made legal by the U.S. Supreme Court. He hates to talk about the subject, for obvious reasons, since he’s barely for civil unions. Classic Kasich, he says he’ll “accept” the ruling of the Supreme Court last year legalizing it in all 50 states;

4) Climate Change: Begrudgingly, he can barely acknowledge climate change, knowing doing so sinks him with GOP base voters. What he’ll do about it is anyone’s guess, since he’s ready to scrub the U.S. EPA and all its efforts to staunch carbon-based pollution. Gov. Kasich froze Ohio’s nation-leading renewable energy law. He’s mired in a controversy about those he’s appointed to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which has a long and distinguished record of catering the Big Energy over rate-payers, who always seem to get saddled with paying more, especially for expenses that for-profit energy generators should pay for;

5) EducationEducation in Ohio has gone from great to a joke under Mr. Kasich. He’s signed the biggest budgets in state history. A billion or more for each biennium is being shoveled to really poor-performing for-profit charter schools. He’s hired state education officials who have performed remarkably poorly. David Hansen, the husband of his former chief of staff turned campaign manager Beth Hansen, falsified school data to make poor performing charter school sponsors look better. It’s now known that a $71 million grant to the U.S. Department of Education, which Gov. Kasich would abolish as president, was build on flawed data altered by Mr. Hansen, who yet to be held responsible by any law enforcement agency, state or federal. New data reveals there are far fewer good performing for-profit charter schools and far more poor performing for-profit charter schools.

Christie’s Mocks Kasich Living In ‘Candyland’

Aping Donald Trump, Gov. Kasich said everyone should buy a seat-belt because there’s going to be so much change if he becomes president. Buckeyes have already been buckled for going on six years of hard-right, retrograde government policies and programs  under a Kasich Administration.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Mr. Kasich’s motor mouth was in full gear as it was at the last Republican debate night when he repeated his key talking points as glibly and reliably as did Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who got danced on for it by Gov. Christie. Wallace noted to the governor that he’s nearly broke with only $1 million or so left. Basic Kasich was to pivot away, circling back to his contention that he’s got good ground games in Nevada and South Carolina, even though those two statements are false on their face because he’s got his resources stacked up in New Hampshire.

Gov. Kasich’s former good buddy Gov. Christie did what others, especially the easily duped media, have failed to do. The former federal prosecutor called him out on his positive conservative line and the newspapers who ladle on the sauce to promote it as if they are being paid.

“He’s[Kasich] now calling himself the prince of sunshine and light,” Christie said. “I’ve known Kasich for a long time. I can tell you, his fellow governors call him lots of things. ‘The prince of sunshine and light’ is not one of them, all right? That’s OK. John’s in the midst of reforming himself – you know, reinventing himself. … It’s about being tested, though. John’s had a Republican legislature this entire time. I mean, it’s like Candyland in Ohio.”

His happy talk about how he unites people went up in smoke Sunday. There he was, the man who says only he knows how to bring people together, showing exactly what a fantasy that is. Speaking in Concord, NH at another one of his town hall meetings, John Kasich blasted another audience member for daring to challenge him on funding for Planned Parenthood. His mean, closed mind was on display again, this time directed at one woman who asked him whether he’d support funding for Planned Parenthood if it were part of a balanced budget. John Kasich likes to talk balanced budgets at the federal level even though he refuses to say what he would cut to balance them.

Reports on the incident say the woman charged Kasich with avoiding her question after he said he’s a strong supporter of women’s health. The flim-flam state CEO “got slightly testy and asked the woman if she thought he was avoiding the answers because she thought he was ‘mechanical.'” No one knows what he meant, but that’s basic Kasich. Everyone heard what he said, and it’s wasn’t let’s reason together. “We’re not gonna fund it,” he said, moving on to his next victim.

More Polling

Meanwhile, John Kasich’s nemesis Donald Trump has a 70 percent chance of winning the New Hampshire primary, according to the highly respected political calculus Website FiveThirtyEight. Gov. Kasich, by comparison, only has an eight percent chance of coming in third.

The latest UMass-Lowell tracking poll in New Hampshire has Mr. Trump leading Republicans with 34 percent followed by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio tied at 13 percent. Gov. Kasich and Jeb Bush are tied for third place with 10 percent.

Gov. Kasich has so far been a silly season sideshow, since he’s barely a blip in national polls and only merits mention in New Hampshire polling. If he limps forward to the next primary states, where his prospects are even dimmer, some reporters—maybe even Ohio media—might just dare to open the doors on the his many hidden closets back in Ohio to find a standing army of skeletons living in the shadows.

If reporters start reporting, Ohio will have its governor back in short order. That prospect is of course laden with downsides at least until the state constitution forces him at the end of 2018 to leave office.