It will be a great relief for Plunderbund readers, who have followed the long interment of Ohio’s crusty governor in the open grave he’s dug for himself over the past five years, to finally dance on it after he gets buried alive Tuesday by New Hampshire voters.

Move action hero and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is backing John Kasich, calling him a “Terminator” because he “doesn’t feel fear or pain and can take a beating without stopping,” The Register-Herald reported. “This is you. You are the Terminator,” Schwarzenegger said by phone. If current polling in New Hampshire is accurate, Ohio’s cyborg governor will likely be terminated soon.

Cyborg Or Mudslinger?

Make no mistake, Gov. Kasich’s Super PAC is run by members of his close-knit kitchen cabinet, so any official distance between them and him only exists in theory. New Day for America, John Kasich’s Super PAC, started airing a television ad Thursday that attacks his GOP opponents as mudslingers. While the ad may be mostly aimed at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who finished third in Iowa last Monday and is rising fast in New Hampshire, it mucks up four other Republicans competing with Kasich for the hearts and minds in the Granite State.

Governor Sunny Goes Dark

Produced by New Day for America, the ad, “Muddier,” is part of a $1 million buy by Camp Kasich as he struggles to finish no lower than third place in the only state liberal enough to be lulled into false beliefs about his healing powers. Marco Rubio is tarred as are Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and Donald Trump, who enjoys a large lead going into next week’s first-in-the-nation primary voting.

“As John Kasich has risen, Rubio and Bush have gone negative. Doing whatever it takes to win is not presidential,” the ad says,

Recent polls show Mr. Kasich has much to worry about. The University of Massachusetts offered its view Thursday, revealing momentum by Sen. Rubio. The billionaire business from New York, Donald Trump, leads in New Hampshire among likely GOP voters with 36 percent. He’s followed in second place by Sen. Rubio with 15 percent, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz with 14 percent in third place. Jeb Bush leads Gov. Kasich eight percent to seven percent.

A CNN/WMUR poll has The Donald at 29 percent followed by Mr. Rubio at 18 percent, Mr. Cruz at 13 percent, Mr. Kasich at 12 percent, and Mr. Bush at 10 percent.

Stuart Rothenberg, a long-time veteran observer on politics who resides on a level of respect with Charlie Cook of the Cook Report, forecasts the demise of John Kasich.

Plunderbund readers know all too well Gov. Kasich’s false narrative of he cut taxes, turned an $8 billion deficit into a $2 billion surplus, brought back jobs from Mexico and China and cut state spending.

His Ohio Obituary

Every budget proposed and signed into law by the now term-limited governor has set state records for spending. John Kasich inherited a rising economy, with the addition of tens of thousands of jobs and about a billion dollars in revenue from Gov. Ted Strickland.

On the jobs front, the low unemployment rate under the Kasich Administration has a lot to do with discouraged workers leaving the workforce. We have chronicled the 38 straight months of Mr. Kasich under-performing the national job creation average even though he has a secret job formation group in place that’s feeding off of billions in state liquor profits.

Kasich’s claim of turning deficits into surpluses is only possible due to billions stolen from local governments and schools, many of whom have either cut services to compensate or raised taxes as the local level to make up for what the former Wall Street banker withheld from them. To redistribute more income to those who don’t need it from those least able to afford it, Gov. Kasich has raised sales and other taxes.

John Kasich knows well that his second run at the White House will last longer than his first try back in 2000, but the outcome will be the same. Ohio Republican pols are on-board Camp Kasich’s train, not because they really like him or think he can win but because they’d be happy to see him move on. That option automatically takes in another two years when he’ll be retired from service as state CEO, leaving behind a portrait if himself as Ohio’s 69th governor.

Playing the role of skunk at the garden party, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, an undesirable to many Plunderbund readers, dared say what many already know. During a radio interview in Cleveland, Mr. Mandel, who ran and lost against Sherrod Brown in 2012, said of Kasich’s future, “By the time we get to the convention in Cleveland, he won’t be in the race anymore,” reported.

At a high school Thursday, Mr. Kasich was in father-knows-best mode when  he spoke to a group of high schoolers. “Have the big dreams. Understand that you’re made special. Understand that you have a mission. Understand that integrity and courage – nobody’s here to be a saint – but understand that those things matter in life,” he said, the Concord Monitor reported. Gov. Kasich added, “And finally, no bullying.” Sage advice to the unknowing, who probably are not aware of the governor’s bullying tactics to get what he wants—doing a place coupe on the Ohio Republican Party, stacking the deck to pass Medicaid expansion by bypassing the legislature—when it doesn’t come naturally. Mr. Kasich and his team are quite adept at intimidation, threats and retribution, if need be, to take control if he thinks leaving well enough alone won’t deliver the goods for him.

Kasich may or may not “get smoked” in New Hampshire in four days, but if he doesn’t land at least in third place, the tolling polling will have reflected what many of us already knew about the veracity of his easily debunked campaign meme of being the adult in the room who can rise above politics and heal the nation by bringing people together.